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Leading Cold Knowledge: Why Are There More Cloths In Running Shorts?

Jul 27, 2018

Leading cold knowledge: Why are there more cloths in running shorts?

Compression shorts

Compression shorts can be selected in a variety of lengths. In winter, a pair of unlined regular sports shorts are placed on the outside of the compression shorts, and the warmth is maintained. It is worth noting that you don't need to wear underwear after wearing compression shorts, because the crotch of men's compression shorts is very flat, enough for you not to shake.

Lined shorts

As the name implies, the lined shorts are lined with a layer of underwear-like lining. The men's shorts may be slightly longer. The design of the lined shorts greatly liberates the male. This combination is one. The design not only ensures privacy and adds beauty.

Sports underwear

Ordinary underwear We have been educated since childhood to choose pure cotton material, which is more sweat-absorbing. But if you wear a cotton pant and run a marathon, make sure you are wet and let you cool. We recommend that if you go to professional sports, you still need to wear polyester shorts, that is, perspiration can also reduce some diseases and problems.