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With The Consumption Of 1 Calorie, This Training Burns 9 Times More Fat.

Jul 28, 2018

With the consumption of 1 calorie, this training burns 9 times more fat.

Today, let’s talk about the heat of sports.

The more calories you burn, the thinner you are?

The more calories you burn, the more fat you can lose?
For me, I have always praised HIIT training (high intensity interval, short time, high intensity)

The HIIT group did not lose weight more than a few dozen minutes of normal running because he added a portion of lean body mass (0.5 kg vs. 0.8 kg). The HIIT's fat-reducing effect is very obvious, and a total of 2.2% body fat is subtracted. In contrast, traditional aerobic training only lost 0.3% of body fat, which is more than 7 times worse.
In addition, in the waist circumference (1.3cm vs 0.3cm) and hip circumference (1.2cm vs 0.2cm), the HIIT group also reduced more, which can be said to have really changed the body.
Another study found that compared to the usual traditional aerobic training, the subcutaneous fat was reduced by 9 times for every 1 calorie burned in the HIIT group.

In this experiment, the traditional aerobic training group burned an average of 120.4 ± 31.0 calories per training session. The HIIT group burned only half of his calories, 57.9 ± 14.4 calories.
But in terms of fat reduction, the difference has reversed.

Traditional aerobic training reduced a total of 4.5mm of subcutaneous fat. In the HIIT group, the subcutaneous fat lost was as high as 13.9 mm3.

That is to say, the same calories burned, HIIT fat reduction efficiency is 9 times that of traditional aerobic.
So, don't be stupid enough to hold the concept of calories. The human body is not doing simple addition and subtraction. The actual situation is far more complicated than we think.