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These Five Diseases Runners Need To Be Careful

Aug 01, 2018

These five diseases are "running"! Runners need to be careful


Running is a good aerobic breathing exercise. It can exercise your heart and lungs as well as your leg muscles. But you don't pay attention when you are running. These diseases may find you!

1, "running knee"

Refers to knee injuries caused by running and other sports. The typical symptom is pain near the knee. When you keep your knees bent for sitting, down stairs, or downhill, your knee pain is more pronounced. A large-scale study by the New York Times of the United States that involved 75,000 runners found that as long as the knees are healthy, running does not significantly increase the risk of arthritis, and some people can continue to jog when they are middle-aged. The risk of arthritis in joggers is actually smaller than in people who are not active.

2, sacral syndrome

The main reason is that during the long-distance running or after the end of running, the main reason is that the tendon bundle and the femoral epicondyle excessive friction, resulting in ligament inflammation or bursitis inflammation. The main symptoms are swelling and pain.

3, before the pain / outer clip

The location of the disease is in front of the humeral shaft or the inside of the lower leg. There are many causes, and the most common cause is chronic inflammation of the periosteum around the tibia.

4, Achilles tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis is usually caused by too much pressure on the calf gastrocnemius and Achilles tendon. After the patient runs, mild pain begins to appear on the calf or heel.

5, plantar fasciitis

The pain symptoms of the disease are most obvious. The cause is that during the weight-bearing exercise, walking or running, the plantar muscles are subjected to a huge impact, causing local muscle strain to cause local plantar fascia inflammation. When walking, the pain is aggravated and the pain is often close to the heel.