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The Benefits Of Anaerobic Exercise

Aug 03, 2018
The Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise


1. Improve the immunity of the body. After exercise, the repair of damaged muscles and metabolism of lactic acid consume fat, increase the ratio of muscle and fat, increase the metabolic rate of muscles, and improve the immunity of the body. Exercise muscle, anaerobic exercise speed too fast, explosive force, the sugar in the human body does not have time to go through oxygen decomposition, this kind of exercise in the body produces too much lactic acid, resulting in muscle fatigue cannot last long, after exercise, muscle soreness, shortness of breath.Anaerobic exercise is a way to exercise muscles and make the body stronger.

2. Reducing the mortality of the disease, wind anaerobic exercise makes, speed, strength, all can improve muscle contraction, effectively reduce the risk of disease, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, anaerobic exercise to increase muscle endurance, speed increased contributed a lot of aerobic training on bone mineral density effect is not big, and belongs to the anaerobic exercise the power of training the increase bone mineral density effect is better, more can effectively reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

What are the benefits of doing anaerobic exercise

What are the benefits of doing anaerobic exercise? If it is combined with ball training, anaerobic endurance training should be arranged at the back of training. Anaerobic endurance training should reflect the characteristics of football sports, such as jumping, running in opposite directions or running with the ball.Generally speaking, anaerobic endurance training is boring, and it can change some patterns on the training items according to its own position characteristics.

The above is a reasonable analysis of "what are the benefits of doing?" for your health, you must take time out from work to exercise outside actively. You should also pay attention to self-cultivation, improve the overall quality of the body, avoid negative and nervous emotions, and affect your health.