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Marathon Baggage List

Jun 21, 2018


Marathon baggage list





“Make a point and money”: ID card/passport (open with copy) + Phone + Key + Power (power cord, charging treasure) + Wallet

Shoes: running shoes for the game + a pair of casual shoes

Socks: Socks worn by the game + Socks exchanged after the game


Competition wear: Quick-drying clothes worn by the competition (+ women's sports underwear)

Casual clothes worn after the game

Stopwatch (charged in advance)

2 pieces of disposable raincoat (If the game is raining, 1 before the match, 1 after the match)

Compression underwear (help for the game may not be big, but it helps restore)

Gloves, ear protectors, knitted caps (autumn and winter)


Pin/number cloth belt (provide more peace of mind)

Sunglasses, sunscreen, empty top hat, ice sleeves... (Sun protection against sunstroke)

Road ID (a bracelet engraved with personal information, it is not difficult to make similar things, and write an emergency contact on the back of the number cloth)


Commonly used protection: Vaseline, anti-abrasive paste, band-aid, blister stickers, milk paste......

Comes with supplies: energy gel, energy bars, mustard, salt pills, sports drink granules...

Toothpaste Toothbrushes, Slippers, Towels, Shampoos, Shower Gels... (especially not rushing to the hotel to stay in a youth hostel)

Password lock (staying in Youth Hostel or late check-out requires luggage storage)

International roaming, local calling cards, adapter plugs, small local currency, international credit cards... (Required for running overseas)

Attractions list, shopping list (to travel in the name of the competition, it is necessary to do the homework in advance)


A pair of headphones, a not too ugly novel, a Kindle ... (send boring hours that need to save power to the phone)

A small gift for the local old friend (gift and affection, the most important thing is to meet for a drink)

The list is dead, people are alive, according to the actual situation of running power, weather, race groups, etc., deletions, reductions, additions, and supplements and supplements, as the big brother of the East said, remember what to write down, is to make the list The ultimate essence for yourself.