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Something You Don’t Know Well About Sports

Jun 22, 2018

Something you don’t know well about sports3V_D-fxxwrwm8133738.jpg

Even people who are completely inactive understand the benefits of exercise to the body. But here I would like to list some sports knowledge that is not well known at the time:


About 80% of gym members are completely unused

Sit-ups will strengthen your abdominal muscles, but it won't give you the 6-patch you want. Because whether abdominal muscles are obviously depends on body fat ratio

With the improvement of cardiopulmonary function, your resting HR will become lower and lower. (I am now averaging around 52)

High-intensity exercise for up to 45 minutes may accelerate body metabolism for up to 14 hours. This will burn an additional 150 to 200 calories after exercise

A reasonable exercise of 7 minutes may help the body more than an unreasonable 60-minute exercise

Exercise will produce new brain cells

Will make you feel better

Do not eat = let the body hungry = tell the body to store fat

Although all sports are good for health, few people can keep exercising