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The Mistakes And Precautions That Girls Often Make In Fitness

Nov 13, 2018

The mistakes and precautions that girls often make in fitness


Girls go to the gym for better body shape and lines. If you already have a "convex" figure, you need to cut off some fat to make yourself "concave". If you already have a "concave", you need to build your muscles so that you can have a bumpy figure.

Many girls have realized this, not only aerobic exercise, but also strength. However, there are still many girls who are still on the wrong path. Let's take a look at the 8 mistakes that girls often make when exercising in the gym:

2, worried that the expression is too ugly when using force

As you know, if you want to build muscle, there will be some discomfort. It will be a bit painful, and you will pay a price for it, such as the image of your lady.

The first few may still maintain an elegant expression. When you are exhausted, you will be miserable even if the weight is right. Finally, the last one will be completed with a wolverine and ugly expression. In fact, people who really know how to exercise will not feel that your expression is ugly. After that, you will not feel that your expression is ugly. Those who laugh at your expressions can only envy your good body!

3, abdominal muscle worship 3, abdominal muscle worship

Many girls have developed the "vest line" as an important goal of their own fitness. Some girls even want to practice the six-pack abdominal muscles under the stimulation of some bodybuilding pictures. In fact, everyone has six packs of abdominal muscles - as long as your fat content is low enough, they will show up.

As long as you take out a few training sessions a week, it is enough to do 3 to 4 groups of 15 to 20 times of resistance to abdominal muscle training. The rest is to do several sets of belly in the training "fragment time". It doesn't matter if you don't do it. You need to build other more important muscles and reduce fat at other times.

4, do strength training on the wave speed ball 4, do strength training on the wave speed ball

The wave speed (BOSU) ball, or its semi-spherical ball or other name. As long as you do weightlifting exercises on unstable surfaces, your muscles will become more intense and fatigue faster. But the effort to keep the muscles in balance is not the type of effort that muscle growth requires.

Moreover, in order to maintain balance you must use a lighter weight. Even a very light weight on the wave speed ball will make you fatigue very quickly, forcing you to give up training early. So your muscles will miss the best stimulation.

5, too much aerobic training 5, too much aerobic training

The negative balance of energy produced by excessive aerobic training consumes your muscles rather than fat. Remember that excessive aerobic exercise "kills" your muscles. There is indeed a better way to reduce fat. For example, practicing sprint and intensity interval training, Tabata.

6, too specific 6, too specific

Because the body adapts to the actions you often do, whether it is strength training or aerobic training. Always repeating the same routine, the body has adapted and can consume the least amount of energy to achieve the same exercise.

So you need to change your training plan every four to six weeks. For example, the first cycle focuses on the leg, and the next cycle focuses on the shoulder and arm. Your feelings need to be stable, but your body needs new stimulation

7, exercise plan is too messy 7, exercise plan is too messy

In the days when I just got a fitness card, I went to class almost every day, went to run, went to the iron to try almost anything, and even stayed in the gym for a whole day. After a week, she found that she was not a few pounds, so she lost her enthusiasm, so she stopped going to fitness. . . . . . This seems to be the biggest "heart" of fitness novices.

8, do not dare to add heat 8, do not dare to add heat

Shake your determination to diet and lose weight! Ingesting low-calorie foods is just as unreliable as over-oxygenation. what is the reason? To put it simply, it takes almost an hour after you finish your strength training, no matter how high-calorie food you eat, it will hardly make your fat grow. But during this time, your muscle build requires a lot of protein and heat.