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What Should We Do In Addition To Rest And Stretching After Running

Sep 29, 2018

What should We do in addition to rest and stretching after running?

Some people like to run every day, some like to pile up, some like speed, some like to run casually, no matter which one, as long as their own body permits, no injury is no problem.

Even if you really want to run every day, it's best to control your enthusiasm. After the muscles of the human body have undergone more intense exercise, there will be some minor damage and pain.

Within 24 to 48 hours, the body will repair itself. But if you don't have enough time to rest and recover, you will be overworked and cause damage. Sleeping and rest are good means of recovery, and it is better if you can massage twice a month.


Under normal circumstances, it is best not to train hard for two consecutive days. Generally speaking, you can take a day off for two days, or take a day off for three days. However, for runners preparing for training, it is best not to take more than two days per week, unless you are a newbie or older, because the body needs to maintain a certain amount of exercise.

Whether it is after running training or after the marathon has crossed the finish line, you should stretch and rest, but besides these two, what else should the runner do or should not do?

1. Change clothing and shoes immediately after training or competition

You should change your clothes or shoes with or without sweating. A bit of wet clothes can easily get contaminated with bacteria or viruses, and it can get you cold even on a hot summer day. Therefore, it is recommended to quickly remove the wet clothes and replace them. After running, change your pair of slippers or sandals to let your feet relax.

2, avoid becoming a sofa potato, don't just want to nest

Don't immediately become the guardian of the sofa and TV after you finish running. You should do more activities. Stand up and walk or do a simple, gentle stretch. These activities and stretching help to allow the blood circulation to take away the body's metabolic waste and help you recover.

After the training or the event, it is recommended to put on the compression leg sleeves and then take the family to the hypermarket to walk around. In addition to increasing muscle recovery, you can share your family's happiness with your family.

3, eat the right things, do not mess with food

After completing your recharge in 20-30 minutes after running, you may be ready to resume food after the game or before the game. Allows you to replenish smoothly after running, increasing physical strength and strength.

Make sure your food is full of protein, a small amount of carbohydrates and fat, and plenty of water. Don't eat fast food as a supplement, and don't eat chocolate bars to restore your strength. Eat healthy things and eat them within 30 minutes of the completion of the stuff.

4. Do not massage or foam shaft immediately after runningDo not use the roller or massage immediately after training or running. After running, the body will show a weak inflammation, which is caused by the stimulation of training. You should not rush to eliminate lactic acid or massage, do some simple exercises or walk, let the body gradually recover, then massage.

After a further walk, it is necessary to relax with the foam shaft, because the foam shaft not only stretches muscles and tendons, it also disintegrates soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue. Everyone can use my own weight and a cylindrical foam shaft to massage my muscles to relieve tension fascia while increasing blood flow and soft tissue circulation.