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Xu Jicheng: China's Urbanization Rate Reached 52% Sports Of The Future Will Have The Opportunity To "

Jan 07, 2016

News and information network 2013APEC young entrepreneurs Summit kicked offin Beijing on May 22-24th, and information network the entire broadcast.Famous basketball commentator and senior Xinhua reporter Xu Jicheng said atthe Summit that China's urbanization has reached 52.3%, urbanization bringsthe aggregation of the population, the future as venue smaller basketball,fencing, indoor swimming, indoor soccer, will be better and better.

Following is the text and record:

On May 9, 2012, Chinese Association of mayors mayors, China issued a white paper, which referred to a data, on May 9, 2012, China's urbanization has reached 52.3%, compared to China in 1978 when the reform and opening up,China's reform and opening up is 18.3%.

This means that urbanization brings the population gathered, one veryimportant point is how to develop interpersonal relationships, establish newcity image and urban values. I think I'll build macros may talk aboutManchester United's Sir Alex Ferguson to retire, why would cause such astir. United Kingdom when urbanization, stocking, farming farmers flocked tocities, needed a new idea, a flag, a campaign approach. So the future like avenue smaller basketball, fencing, indoor swimming, indoor soccer, will bebetter and better.