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National Quality Supervision And Inspection Center Of Sporting Scene Safety And Quality Inspection For The First Time The Introduction Of Sports Equipment Installation Work

Jan 07, 2016

A few days ago, after 5 days of intense work, national quality supervisionand inspection center of sporting success delegate tasks at the nationalstadium to run the team of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games,Olympic gymnastic equipment throughout the installation process and sportsequipment auxiliary materials of site the environmental safety and qualitychecks, and transition from gymnastics to handball the rationality oforganization of work for the acceptance. It is reported that for acceptanceof equipment and sports safety checks the competition, both in theInternational Olympic Committee in a race held in the past, or in ournational sport, is for the first time.

National quality supervision and inspection Center for sporting in thequality supervision Bureau of Hebei province, product quality supervisionand inspection Institute, is to test for the sporting authorities. Beforethe Center was successfully drafted the 29th Olympic Games gymnasticequipment and security code for acceptance of the contest and the 29thOlympic Games gymnastics apparatus and mounting and dismounting the contestcode for checking. To avoid missing links or errors during Assembly, ensure that work to guarantee national stadium to run the team commissioned theCentre for the entire installation process, sports equipment safetyinspection review of the work arrangements supporting materials andtransitions.

According to understand, the national sports supplies quality supervision test center on Games gymnastics game game Taiwan and devices of installation test work range including 1 block game site and warm-up Museum men Museum, and warm-up Museum woman Museum 2 block warm-up site of game Taiwan and devices, total needed test by 399 Zhang folding "small table" assembled into of 3000 square meters gymnastics game Taiwan, and 3 sets about 22 pieces gymnastics devices, and 4 Zhang jumped bed, and 1 sets skills single jumped site and long 298 meters of bezel.

According to Tan Li introduced the national quality supervision andinspection center of sporting Director, gymnastics ornamental, sports gamesand equipment installation technical requirement. Participate in the Olympic Games is the world's top player, installation techniques of the slightesterror could affect stunt errors, or even athletes were injured. To ensure equipment and game Taiwan of security performance, Center main from 4 a aspects for check: a is check game Taiwan facilities structure, guarantee reached strength requirements; II is check game Taiwan and the devices installation and using of security performance, guarantee not athletes caused hurt; three is check site laying of carpet, and landing mat, guarantee no broken needle, sharp highlight real; four is check equipment and game Taiwan using of original auxiliary material, guarantee all original auxiliary material meet environmental requirements.

Tan Li said, through the installation of gymnastic equipment and sportsequipment auxiliary materials quality inspection is only part of themission. During the Olympic Games in Beijing, the National Stadium will hostartistic gymnastics, trampoline and handball competitions. Ensure thatOlympic Gymnastics equipment and sports events disassemble meet transitionrequirements, is the core content of the inspection work, is also reviewingthe greatest difficulty of acceptance.

According to reports, according to the schedule, after the gymnasticscompetition ended, the installation must be within the 17-hour gym into ahandball Pavilion. This requires the gymnastic equipment and match thedesign, installation, not only to security must also be simple in structureand easily removable.

To complete this "not only security but also simple" challenge, nationalsports drawn products quality supervision and inspection center of sportsequipment of the most authoritative, most experienced inspection staff todemonstrate the structural design, make recommendations for improvement tothe manufacturers; deployed the most sophisticated, most experiencedreviewers develop review procedures and programmes; repeated argument,verified, until you reach the specification requirements. Throughout theprocess of acceptance, the Centre's experts were divided into 4 groups, andmonitor the entire process, even a screw, a weld with gusto.

In the Centre, events organization, equipment suppliers, guaranteeing theteam's concerted efforts, removal procedure, main point, time and personnelprogrammes through item-by-item examination of the experts of the Centre,completed the transition from gymnastics and handball.

At present, the national quality supervision and inspection center ofsporting Olympic Gymnastics equipment safety review has been successfullycompleted the first phase of work. National Stadium to run the team andExecutive Deputy Director of aviation said safety checks on equipment andsports set the competition to acceptance, product certification andinstallation of safety inspections to ensure equipment reliability andsecurity in both, not only gives players a fair and equitable playing field,is organizing "features, a high level of" strong support for the BeijingOlympics.