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Xu Zhihua: China's Sporting Ability And World Brand Difference

Jan 07, 2016

News and information network in 2012 APEC SME Summit to be held December 9-10th in chengmai, Hainan, the theme of this Summit locks "break route", and information network full report. Peak sport products CEO Xu Zhihua said atthe Forum, China sporting goods products and brands of the world much.

Following is the text and record:

Moderator: technological innovation is very important for the real economy,of course, brands are also important, such as China's sports industry andsports industry, sports products and related industries, what is technicallyand is a huge disparity between the first-class brand in the world? Or inthe gap brand more?

Xu Zhihua: I, for example, before the 05, 06, if our top brand sponsors awell-known foreign athletes, consumers simply just an ad, but in recent years, China's best athletes in China's sports game on the field, andachieved excellent results, after this picture, the fact that more and more,we doubt that voice is getting smaller and smaller. This represents atechnological support, because if there is no technical promotion, promotionof services, is impossible to achieve for our product in the world's topathletes use in top-level competition. The personal worth of the NBA, andthe players in the Premier League is very high, not because of the movementof money to sacrifice his life, so he is more about product performanceimprovement, as well as the movement of life protection. Thus it can beseen, sporting goods products already in China and in the world of brandcapability gaps.

Biggest gap right now is not the time gap, said professional athletes wearduring his professional, and now he may be the best, and we are the top, orfirst class, but not superb, this difference is not the difference inquality, more brands of precipitation, accumulation of brands, as well asthe size of the market and corporate power issues.

I believe that with the rise of China's sporting goods industry further,this situation will be further changed.