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Basic Rules For Injury Prevention

Dec 07, 2018


The movement is what fills us with life and activities that improve our physical state and our emotional state.You will agree with the importance of our following basic routines to prevent possible injuries that might lead to a bad workout.Today at SAGA Sport, we Shared some basic rules or advice on injury prevention and enjoyed our training.Attention!

  • Be sure to get ready before you start.Training is just as important as warming up, so don't go crazy and get your body ready to avoid contractures and perform at its best.

  • Wear clothes that fit the type of exercise you will be practicing.Choose your sportswear carefully to make it comfortable, breathable, and provide you with the functions you need (waterproof, breathable, elastic, etc.).

  • Sneakers are great because they have to be especially good for the sport you're practicing.Always remember to use socks to avoid abrasions and always tie your shoelaces.We recommend that you read our previous posts and learn how to choose running shoes.

  • Follow the advice for each sport: wear a helmet, knee, wrist, leg, etc.Good exercise equipment and accessories are also key to preventing injury.

  • Eat a balanced diet, get enough rest, and stay hydrated.Having a healthy lifestyle is the foundation of being able to maximize your exercise and prevent possible injury.

  • Stretch your whole body after exercise.It's just as important as warming.

  • For example, if you begin to notice contractures, see a doctor or physical therapist.Don't leave it, because it won't disappear by magic.

Please follow these tips to try to prevent any kind of damage!  If you need Sports f clothes, you can visit our SAGA Sport website.You will find everything you need and always have the best price.If you need advice, we will also help you.We're waiting for you!