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Exercises tips for Winter

Jan 18, 2019

Exercises tips for Winter

sMany people are used to taking big breaths during long runs in order to take in more oxygen.This breathing method is not scientific when the weather turns cool.If you open your mouth wide to breathe, cold air can irritate your throat and trachea, which can cause asthma and pharyngitis.

Long-distance running promotes the circulation of all organs of the body, especially the respiratory system.When the weather turns cool, use a mixture of nasal and oral-nasal breathing.Nasal surface has a layer of mucosa, there are rich capillaries, blood flow through the mucosa, heat, you can warm the cold air inhaled, mucosa can also secrete mucus, make nasal cavity moist, and stick to the dust and bacteria inhaled, play a cleaning role.As a result, dry cold air enters the nasal cavity and becomes warm, clean and moist, reducing irritation to the airways and lungs.

In sports more intense and load is bigger, use the nasal breathing can not satisfy the demand for oxygen in the body, should adopt the method of the nose and mouth and nose mixed breathing, namely half opening, slightly parted lips, tongue, let the cold air through the lingual suction, extend the period of air into the respiratory tract, avoid damage to the respiratory mucosa stimulation.With the increase of the amount of exercise, in order to ensure a large amount of pulmonary ventilation, the respiratory muscles will strengthen the contraction, to improve the flow rate of gas, which is easy to cause early fatigue of the respiratory muscles, hinder the improvement of ventilation.Therefore, proper opening of the mouth to assist breathing can not only make the gas unblocked, reduce the burden of the respiratory muscles, but also be conducive to emitting the rising body temperature during exercise.With the emergence of fatigue, the frequency of breathing is accelerated, should focus on the breath out, let the respiratory system more oxygen inhalation.

It is important to note that during a long run, you should deepen your breathing, especially deep exhalation.When initiative motion, because the physiology of respiratory, circulatory system is inert, restrain breath to some extent, if breath method is not appropriate, often appear breath is frequent, suck much, breathe less wait for a phenomenon, feel bosom frowsty, breath difficulty, muscle acerbity is weak wait for, the likelihood does not wish to continue to move.At this time, if consciously deepen exhalation, further increase alveolar ventilation, improve the efficiency of lung ventilation, and appropriately reduce the intensity of exercise, the situation can be improved.In running process, the demand of human body to oxygen increases ceaselessly, accordingly, attention breath rhythm is as far as possible gentle, unfavorable rise and fall is too big.