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How to properly reduce fat?

Jul 26, 2018

How to properly reduce fat?


In fitness, many people have a misunderstanding of thinking that weight loss is fat loss. We need to understand that weight loss is the subtraction of body fat and muscle. Impairment is the reduction of fat, which reduces the fat rate. Blind weight loss can easily cause slow metabolism problems, and the body is also very easy to rebound. Therefore, weight loss is not equal to fat loss. Compared to weight loss, fat loss is a healthier way to lose weight, while also shaping the body shape.

One of the effective ways to reduce fat is aerobic exercise, such as running, cycling and swimming, but the amount of exercise can not meet the conditions of fat reduction, in addition to the following fat reduction training program, Xiaobian here to share a few Ways to help you better reduce fat.

First, develop your diet table, record the daily intake of calories, pay attention to whether it is high calorie and high fat. According to our nutrition research, it is appropriate to control the fat intake in the range of 25%-30%. This ratio indicates that your fat intake is insufficient.

The second is to eat less and eat more meals, keep the three meals regular, reduce the amount of meals, do not need to eat too much, add 2-3 times a day, and eat a proper amount of oil during fat loss, which can help the body to secrete a sense of satisfaction. Hormones, creating a sense of fullness, help us reduce our desire for food.

The third is to drink plenty of water, drink plenty of water to help the body's metabolism, but also help to digest food, also has a moisturizing effect on the skin, after our exercise, the body's tiredness will not be too strong.