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Running Fact

Jun 20, 2018



The definition of running refers to the use of foot movement by terrestrial animals. Its definition in sports is a kind of pace, and the feet will not come to the ground at the same time. It can also be an aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise.
Paying attention to fitness and running is the most basic requirement for physical fitness. To exercise, you must first exercise, strengthen your body, and warm up before running to avoid running affecting your health. Running exercise is one of the most commonly used physical exercises for people. This is mainly because the running technique is simple and does not require special venues, clothing or equipment. Exercises can be performed in the gym, sports field or on the road, even in the fields and in the woods. You can master the speed, distance, and route of running.


The best time to run is more

The best time is from 9am to 10am and from 4pm to 6pm. In the former, the air was fresh and the corticosteroid levels in the body peaked. According to the biological clock, about 4 to 6 o'clock, the body's adaptability and physical mobility are optimal.Running mainly depends on the body itself and the external environmental conditions. In the early morning, the body temperature is low, the blood is thick, and the body functions in a low state. The high concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, the morning fog has not dispersed, is not conducive to running.


Action essentials


When you hear the “running” pre-order, both hands quickly make a fist (four fingers hold your thumb, the thumb is attached to the first index joint of the index finger and the second joint of the middle finger), and the waist is about the same height as the belt. Inside, place the elbows slightly inward. After hearing the "walking" order,
Running is the most economical exercise
The upper body slightly leans forward, legs slightly bent, while the left foot uses the force of the right foot to jump out of about 85 cm, before the first foot touches the ground, the body center of gravity moves forward, the right foot moves in accordance with this method; the upper body remains upright, Both arms naturally oscillate back and forth. When the arm swings forward, the arm is slightly straight. The elbows are attached to the waist, the small arm is slightly flat, and they are slightly inward. The inside of each punch is about 10 cm away from the clothing line. When the arm is swinging backwards, , Fist affixed to the waist. Travel speed is 170-180 steps per minute.
Hearing the "Lee Ding" password, he ran two more steps. Then he stepped forward with his left foot (the two fists closed at the waist and stopped swinging). He touched the floor with his right foot close to his left foot and put his hand down to establish a positive posture.
The first step of running must be to jump out. During the running process, you should adjust your footing position (forehand, full palm, and back of the palm) according to the actual situation. When standing, pay attention to the consistency of the leg and arm.
Running is a science, and the most scientific exercise method can achieve the best results.