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Running like this in autumn is the healthiest

Sep 29, 2018

Running like this in autumn is the healthiest


Autumn running is also a lot of benefits. In addition to increased respiratory function, fitness plasticity, and active muscles, it also enhances cardiovascular function. The temperature difference between day and night is large, and running is more conducive to improving their ability to adapt to environmental changes, so that the body can better adapt to the winter climate change.

In order to help everyone run better, we have prepared 19 guidelines to help you in the fall!

Run before

1. Pay more attention to adequate preparation activities before running, so that the body functions quickly enter the state.

2, appropriate to reduce the thickness of clothes, to prevent excessive sweating after exercise, undressing and cold, our body is much stronger than our own imagination

3, can eat starchy foods before the run, add energy

4. For most people of normal physique, as long as they avoid half an hour before meals, one hour after meals, and one hour before going to bed, they can exercise at any other time.

5, try to choose a soft venue, reduce the frequency of some hard ground running.

6. The fog is composed of numerous tiny water droplets, which contain a lot of harmful substances such as dust and pathogenic microorganisms. If you exercise in the foggy days, as the amount of breathing increases, it will inevitably absorb more toxic substances and affect the supply of oxygen. If the air quality is good, I suggest you can get up early to run, because getting up in the morning can wake up, if you want to lose weight better, you can run after dinner.

Running middle

7, during running, you can slow down properly, slow the stimulation of the heart

8, properly reduce the stride, reduce the strength of muscles in running, control consumption

9, can run alternately, extend the running time

10, when the weather is cold, you can wait until the body is hot and then gradually reduce the clothes, do not have to take off your clothes immediately when starting exercise, do not wait for sweating when you take off your clothes, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold.

11. Avoid landing on the ground when your feet are on the ground. You should use the forefoot to touch the ground and give full play to the elasticity of the arch of the foot to facilitate the cushioning action and reduce the resistance when landing. The back of the leg should be stretched. When the foot is on the ground, use the cushioning force. Don't be too aggressive.

12, the knees always keep bending, do not straighten, do not deliberately increase the pace or increase the range of motion, to avoid excessive pressure on the knee.

13. Keep your knees and thighs as low as possible and keep relaxed. Don't swing your knees and thighs too far forward or backward. Don't worry too much about falling.

14, the whole body muscles should relax, breathing deep, slow and rhythm, the pace should be brisk, the arms naturally swing.

15. When running, the shoelaces should not be tied too tightly, otherwise it will hinder the blood circulation of the feet. Frequent use of hot water to soak your feet can reduce the viscosity of the lower extremity muscles, increase the elasticity and stretch of the joint ligaments, and prevent pain. Developing a hygienic habit of washing your feet can also help your feet.

After running

16. After the run, you should also do enough stretching.

17, wear clothes in time after running to avoid colds

18, after running, add water in a timely manner, rest for 5-10 minutes, then drink light salt water or warm water, but avoid drinking cold water or frozen drinks

19. After running, it is necessary to strengthen nutrient intake. In addition to ensuring normal dietary needs after exercise, it is necessary to increase the intake of nutrients such as carbohydrates, B vitamins and vitamin C.