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The best autumn for running has arrived

Sep 10, 2018

The best autumn for running has arrived

First, why is it particularly comfortable to run in autumn?

The state of people when they are running is greatly affected by the environment, and the most important environmental factors we have for running are temperature and humidity.

➤ 1, about temperature

The effect of temperature on running conditions is enormous in environmental factors. People are warm-blooded animals, and the normal body temperature is maintained between 36.5 and 37.2 degrees. Above 37.2 degrees means that they are morbid and will cause metabolic and physiological dysfunction. In addition to physiological and pathological factors, human body temperature is also greatly affected by environmental temperature. The higher the temperature, the smaller the temperature difference between the body and the external environment, which is not conducive to heat conduction to lower body temperature. Therefore, in a high temperature environment, in order to keep the body temperature between the normal range, most of the blood is transported to the surface of the skin to dissipate heat, which inevitably leads to a decrease in intramuscular blood flow and a decrease in muscle working ability. The accumulation of lactic acid metabolites increases, so at the same pace, it will be more difficult to run in a high temperature environment.


The most suitable marathon temperature is about 6~8 degrees. Is it too low? Yes, it is so low. Of course, it is good when running 10-15 degrees. It is quite hot after 15 degrees. If it exceeds 20 degrees, the results will be significantly reduced. The temperature of about 20 degrees is somewhat hot for horse races. It is because the marathon time is very long, and it is easy to appear in the back course because of a lot of sweating, and the effective circulation of blood drops, causing heat dissipation problems. For the usual running, since it is more than one hour at most, the amount of sweat does not have much influence on the human body function, so the current temperature of about 20 degrees is very suitable for running training and running fitness.

➤ 2, about humidity

Air humidity also has a great impact on the running state. The humidity of the air is too high, which affects the body's perspiration, which leads to a decrease in endurance performance. The humidity is too small, which makes people feel thirsty. Related studies have pointed out that the temperature is 30-32 degrees and the relative humidity is above 80%. In such an environment, the body is relatively difficult to operate, only the humidity is between 50% and 65%, and the temperature is about 20 degrees. Play. In the current north, although the temperature is very good, in fact, the air humidity has begun to decline, that is, the air is relatively dry, which is likely to cause dry skin.



Second, the increase in running speed in autumn does not necessarily mean that your running ability is enhanced, but the suitable climate makes you in good condition.

Running in the summer, for most people, the speed per kilometer tends to drop by 20-30 seconds, or at the same speed, the heart rate will rise significantly. After entering the fall, your pace may be reduced by 15-30 compared to summer. Second, in a nutshell, you can run faster but don't feel tired at the same heart rate, because the comfortable fall minimizes the impact of bad weather on the pace, so you can play the most out of you. Good level. This is what we call the "time of day" in the right place and the right place.

Third, after training in the summer, you can improve your harvest in the fall.

In fact, in the comfortable autumn, you feel that you are running faster and easier. It is difficult to say whether your endurance has improved, or whether the weather makes you run like a god, or both. How does the district allocation speed increase from training improvement or improve your status due to weather? It's very simple, depending on whether you insist on training in a more scientific system during the summer.


If you don’t have a good run all summer, or two days of fishing for three days, then now you feel like you are running a little faster. It’s probably not because your ability has improved, but because of the weather factor. The best running condition. And if you insist on running in the summer, stick to the summer, although you run very hard in the summer, the speed is not fast, but one point of harvest, every drop of sweat in the summer will inject a strong power for the autumn run. . This is indeed the case. After the summer training of the system, the runners will change when they arrive in the fall, showing the improvement of endurance. Combined with the cool weather, the runners will feel that they are obviously running faster and easier. The heart rate is reduced at the same pace, or the pace is increased at the same heart rate.

Fourth, the autumn weather will also enhance your running motivation

Running motivation means stimulating your personal potential and motivating you to do your best to achieve your goals. The more intense the running motivation, the more concentrated the effort and concentration when running, then it will be relatively easy to run. If the motivation is not strong enough, you don't want to run at all, just to complete the task, punch in, etc., then it will be a little bit painful to run. Therefore, the impact of running motivation on running conditions is also quite heavy.


Blue sky and white clouds, sunny, autumn and high, the beautiful season will greatly enhance your motivation to run, you will enjoy running in such a weather, because of the strong motivation to drive, often feel good.

V. Summary

Those who love running are not the seasons. Those who haven’t developed their running habits are now starting to step up their running. Don’t let go of the big fall, run up and enjoy the best running season of the year.