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The hip muscles are well trained, greatly increase the strength.

Jul 11, 2018

The hip muscles are well trained, greatly increase the strength.


In today's life, many women's training on the buttocks is very much because there is a very pretty hip, which is very popular among many female friends. Moreover, what we need to know is that by training your hips, not only can the buttocks be lifted, but also the strength of the lower limbs can be greatly enhanced. So today we will take a look at how women should shape their hips.

In the human body, the gluteus maximus, he only controls the hip front, side, outer and back pelvis, he is the largest muscle in the human body. So having a very hipy hip is what many female friends are pursuing. Although the gluteus medius only accounts for half of the gluteus maximus, his contribution to the entire buttocks is very large. Let me come to understand the gluteus medius in the first place.

The slow and slow fibers of the gluteus medius are half of each other, and the slow muscle fibers of the gluteus medius are dominant. Therefore, we need to use a high number of training methods to be more reasonable, because the gluteus medius muscle plays a stable role in exercise, as long as it relies on the leg abduction. Stimulate our gluteus medius and toes inward to better stimulate and activate the gluteus medius, and the external thigh can better activate the gluteus maximus.

So simply speaking, the toes inward can better help us stimulate the gluteus medius, and the toes can be better to stimulate the gluteus maximus, which can achieve better results, some unilateral exercises with stability. For example, single-legged buttocks, lunge can also stimulate the gluteus medius.

Let's talk about the gluteus maximus. I know that the buttocks are the trumps of training the hips, because the most effective training method is to try to make the buttocks completely contract. So what should we pay attention to when we do hip crush?

Doing some warm-up exercises is a very good way. Due to the stressful changes in cerebral cortical motion, isolated training can promote the growth of the buttocks in the composite movement. Then I changed the sentence and said that I would do some activation training for the hips first. We will get better results when we do other training.

So how do you apply these methods to our actual synchronous training? First, let's talk about the frequency of training the buttocks. The more scientific method is to think that exercising twice a week is better than exercising once. But some exercises take longer to recover.

Those complex sports squats and squats require us to spend three to four days to recover. So for the practice of the hips, we can practice three to four times a week. It is also very important to plan and arrange long-term training. So if necessary, we should modify our plan appropriately.

The frequency should not be too high, so you will lose control of the training intensity. It is the best time to change the training plan from one to three months. We can arrange the plan on a yearly basis. The goal should be to focus on strength, so your annual strength should be improved.