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What are the differences between the long-term runners and the non-runners?

Jul 31, 2018

What are the differences between the long-term runners and the non-runners?


By running we can improve our body and lower our fat. Let us be taller and straighter; after running, let the body become well-proportioned, not thin and not strong, just right. This allows me to have a lot of good-looking clothes to wear. It is simply a hanger that doesn't fear the years, and people who don't run. They are hunched with their chests and bowed, not only don't look good, but they don't have any spirit.

At the same time running, let us stay young, the skin is firm, the face is rosy, and our ability to resist aging is stronger. Do not apply too much skin care products, your face is the best support for blood. At the same time, running makes our body have higher bone density and effectively prevents osteoporosis. People who do not run will suffer from old cold legs, inconvenient legs and feet, and walking slowly. It seems that the years are on her body and it has been ruined for a long time.

Running people will be better. People who exercise in general tend to be more open-minded and have better resistance to stress. Fitness people also know the bottleneck period and the feeling of making money, so they tend to be more patient and endurance. Will not shirk, not lazy, not procrastinating, more diligent;

On the contrary, people who do not exercise and do not run, they feel that modern society is so convenient, you can know what happened in the world without going out. Coupled with fast express delivery, ubiquitous takeaway, it seems that lying at home, you can live very well; in fact, young people can have such an idea, because young people can afford; but if not fitness, more than ten years Years go down, it is obvious that this person is compared with people of the same age fitness. No matter the body or the spirit of the spirit, it is not the same age.

Running makes us self-disciplined and allows us to get along with ourselves for a long time. Fitness running, let us focus on listening to our own breathing, heartbeat, and feeling the stretching and stimulating of each muscle in our body within 30 minutes to two hours. Although the pain is even tired, I can feel that I am getting better than before.