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Kipsan Is Satisfied With The Training. I Am Confident That I Will Run Well In The Berlin Marathon

Sep 10, 2018

Kipsan is satisfied with the training. I am confident that I will run well in the Berlin Marathon.

According to Kenyan media reports, former world record holder Wilson Kipsan is actively preparing for the Berlin Marathon held in the middle of this month. He said that he is currently satisfied with the training and is confident that he will run well in Berlin.

So far, in the nine marathons of his career, Kip Sang has been running eight times and less than two hours and five minutes. This included his current world record of 2 hours, 03 minutes and 23 seconds in Boao in 2013, and three years later he was runner-up in Berlin with his current personal best of 2 hours, 03 minutes and 13 seconds.

Ten days later, the 36-year-old Kipsan will once again launch an impact on the Berlin track. He said that he will chase his best personal results. This may mean that in his eyes, only Volare Sport teammate Dennis Kimeto has a world record of 2 hours, 02 minutes and 57 seconds.

Since the (unofficial) fastest marathon runner Erude Kipgog is also on the starting list on September 16, Kipsan hopes to pass the Brandenburg Gate with record results.

Former Seoul Marathon champion Amos Kipruto and Eritrean's half-horse legend Zsensen-Tadese will also participate in the next weekend.

Kimetto's world record was also created at the 2014 Berlin Marathon. If the weather is good, the flat track provided by the event director Mark Milde should bring a fun time.

"I have done my training very well. I am looking forward to a great game. Thank God, this is a training without pain. Although it has been raining a lot, it has not stopped me from realizing me. Dream." After training on Wednesday, Kipsan said.

The Ito-based runner told Kenya's Nation Sports Channel that he also had a good pacer.

"I have a very good pacer. I am looking forward to a good match. My goal is to be the winner on the podium. I won't see anyone in the game, but I can use my training. Tips to get on the podium."

He has been accustomed to the fact that Kipsan has already ran several times in Berlin and is quite familiar with the track.

“Berlin is a fast track, which is why I was able to break the world record in 2013. I know this track very well and I want to repeat the scene again by shortening the time again.”

Kipsan is an interview outside the AIC Mindililwo Church – it is usually where he prayed before going out.

“Midilivo (church) is my local church. Before I go abroad, I usually get prayers from the congregation and the mentor,” he said.

Last year, Berma, Kipsan retired at 31 km due to illness - the champion was eventually won by Kip Georg. This drove him to sign up for the New York Marathon, and eventually he finished runner-up behind Geoffrey Kamworor. In February of this year, he entered the lineup of the Tokyo Marathon, but eventually retired due to a stomach problem that lasted for two days.

Another top competitor, Kipogog, has undoubtedly proved that he is his era, or perhaps the world's outstanding marathon runner in any era. At the age of 33, he will try to defend his Berma Champion to further create his unbelievable career marathon record of nine wins and nine wins.

Subra Kuma, teammate of Kippog NN Running Team, will also fight alongside him in the German capital. The 27-year-old Ethiopian won the runner-up in the Rotterdam Marathon in April with a personal best record of 2 hours, 05 minutes and 50 seconds. He hopes to leave his name in the top lineup.